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Nowt/Aktion by Gabriel Corbera (Miedo Publicaciones)

Got this in my mail saturday morning. Thanks a lot!

YO! Thanx to ya, Christophe! 8O)

So I did this comic 2 years ago and I thought it’s still worth it to share.

Click on images to enlarge.

Also, critic and cartoonist Santiago García reviews my zines Monday Suicide, Nowt, Nowt2 and Chufi at his awesome blog. In spanish!

You can check out 3 pages from MS Kingdom at Space Face Books website: just a glimpse!


Chufi, by Gabriel Corbera (Mideo Publicaciones - Spain, 2013)

Muchas gracias, Gabriel!

I’ve sent all the zines today. Sorry for the delay.



Monday Suicide (2013) by Gabriel Corbera. 5.75”x8.25”, Color Cover with 24 interior B&W pages. Sells for $6 here.

Check out Monday Suicide!