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MS Kingdom now on stock!

Published by Space Face Books. 16 pages, B/W.



Nowt/Aktion by Gabriel Corbera (Miedo Publicaciones)

Got this in my mail saturday morning. Thanks a lot!

YO! Thanx to ya, Christophe! 8O)

So I did this comic 2 years ago and I thought it’s still worth it to share.

Click on images to enlarge.

Also, critic and cartoonist Santiago GarcĂ­a reviews my zines Monday Suicide, Nowt, Nowt2 and Chufi at his awesome blog. In spanish!

You can check out 3 pages from MS Kingdom at Space Face Books website: just a glimpse!


Chufi, by Gabriel Corbera (Mideo Publicaciones - Spain, 2013)

Muchas gracias, Gabriel!

I’ve sent all the zines today. Sorry for the delay.