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cool mix

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Take advantage of cosmetic damage and buy Monday Suicide II for $3!

All books are entirely readable, they just had a hard time getting here from Spain.  Bent/creased corners, ripping of the cover stock, mild warping, you know the drill.  

Coming soon is MS2 Resurrection, a special riso limited edition!

Monday Suicide 2 ––with some delay but finally here!

Order directly from me or at Space Face Books!


Mould Map 3 - Distribution in Progress

Published by Landfill Editions & Famicon Express. Available from

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Simon Hanselmann

"Truth Zone 91"

Made for Comics Workbook

A classic!

I was spurred on to pick and choose my favorite read of this year 2013, and so I didimage


Press visit. Mould Map 3 pre-order at