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Click here to read a 10 page pdf of Days Longer than Long Pork Sausages by Gabriel Corbera!

You can purchase the book here.

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A major influence on Monday Suicide along with this one!


Today Sparkplug Books launched a Kickstarter campaign for their fall books: Reich #12 and Vortex.

I’m super stoked about this! Vortex will collect all four of my mini comics in a definitive edition with a cover by my partner Glade Hensel. I’m posting a preview of the cover and selected pages from the first issue. I’ll continue to post previews throughout the campaign.

I started Vortex, my first graphic novel, on June 4th, 2011 and I’m looking forward to holding a copy in my pixel-stained hands. This summer I’ve poured over every page, fixing mistakes, editing some text, messing with the patterns, and redrawing pages. I’m really proud of the final book and, if you like psychedelic sf, I think you’ll dig it! Please support this campaign with a share or a preorder.

Help this guy out!! Vortex is a a gem from beyond the star seas! You’ll wander around barefoot watching the starry sky and happily psyched after reading!

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