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An old comic I did in 2011 about a shoe salesman working overtime.


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Exhibition at Arts Sta.Mònica (Barcelona) Opening this afternoon. Beers.


MS Kingdom 

Monday Suicide II

By Gabriel Corbera

Spaceface Books


Rife with absurdist humor, Gabriel Corbera’s comics invite the reader to follow an unnamed bespectacled man through a wasteland crawling with weird monsters and reflective musings.  The strength in Corbera’s work relies on the surface simplicity of his gags.  His protagonist is equal parts armchair philosopher (image 5), skilled fighter (image 9), and lost soul as he wanders his environment as perhaps the lone source of intelligence.  Both comics hinge on searching for meaning in barren surroundings along with the anonymous lead.  

Corbera’s visual language exhibits slight influences of Yuichi Yokoyama, but is more related to Sakichi Sato, especially with his attitude toward violence and droll humor.  Cliched computer graphics also creep into the imagery - gradient halftones stiffly share space with inky figures and standard fonts remind you of DIY manga scanlations.  Even the protagonist looks like he was born from minimalist Illustrator aesthetics.  Another plus is how fluid Corbera renders subtle movements (smoking), action sequences, and contemplative monologues.  It all adds up to a strange, but rewarding, experience that investigates and addresses the complex behaviors of solitary choices. 

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By far the best comment I’ve read on MS so far! Thanks so much for your words, dude! 8O)